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3 Goals in 3 Months Before Turning the Big 3-0

Donate bone marrow, get published in a national publication, and find me a little sis. Those are my three goals to achieve by my 30th birthday, which is exactly three months away.

Realistically, I probably won’t actually be donating any marrow within the next three months but I can do my darndest to get as close to doing so as possible. Almost one year ago, the world lost one of the brightest lights to leukemia: the luminous T.J. Reed. T.J. won his first battle with the help of a donor from Germany. A perfect match for bone marrow is one in 100,000. My match is out there, somewhere, and I will do everything in my power to be the match for someone in need.

I see this first goal as quite fitting because when I was little I asked my father, who was a doctor at the time, if I could walk into the hospital and give them all of the “parts” I don’t need. My father said I couldn’t because what if one day I did need those “extra parts”. I remember sitting at the dinner table envisioning my little self walking in, raising my arms, and saying: “Here, take whatever I don’t need and please give to someone who does. I have an extra kidney and I don’t need a whole liver and…”

I have dabbled in different career paths and adventures quite a bit since graduating from UCSB back in 2005. I helped bring 13 babies into this world as a childbirth doula, poured wine and flirted as the Wine Vixen in Napa Valley

Checkout the job title on my old business cards.

…chased the sun around the world for a year, and fought cancer as a Community Relationship Manager with the American Cancer Society. Throughout my many pursuits, and actually dating back to high school, I have always wanted to write. I am incredibly thankful to have been published locally this last year, but it is goal number two to get something published in a national publication before September 30th, the day I turn 30 and my chariot turns into a pumpkin. (Totally kidding. I know life after 30 is going to be pretty badass.)

Wanted: one little sis to go to the movies with, talk boys (or girls) on walks with, and get messy doing artsy stuff with. I always wanted a little sister. I love my two older brothers, but I used to beg my parents to make me a little sis.

The mullet-like haircut, mom, really?

Turns out, there are youngins in this very town in need of a big sis. And although time is not something I have a lot of, I will find some to spend with my new little sis via Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lane County. I can just see us now…eating ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery after painting some pottery at Potters’ Quarter. Or maybe she wont like said things and instead she tries to teach me how to skateboard over at the park in South Eugene. No matter what my new little sis wants to do, I will be down. I will just need to warn her that I am approaching the ripe age of 30 and will need to be extra careful on a skateboard.

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8 thoughts on “3 Goals in 3 Months Before Turning the Big 3-0

  1. Great goals and inspiration!

  2. Bravo Amber! Great…and very achievable goals. I too pictured little you saying “But I don’t need them Daddy!” Even as a child you had a heart of gold.

    • Thank you, Jenni! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have been such a big part of my support system, dating way back. ;) Heart you! We should totally have a Star reunion, btw. And sing silly songs! ;)

  3. Jeryln on said:

    It’s amazing how by just putting your goals out there what you can accomplish. Opportunities will always seem to come your way. Good for you on your pursuit…and I love being in my thirties btw so I’m sure you will too.

    • Jeryln! My big sis! ;) Thank you for the kind words and support. Let’s try and grab a glass of vino or something next time I am in Portland. Which will be next week actually. And I bet your littles isn’t quite so little anymore. ;) Miss you!

  4. sharon on said:

    Amber you are such an inspiration to us all. You are truly one of the kindest and most unique people I know. You live your life for you not for anyone else and I admire that. The world needs more people like you. *heart you *

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