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I Know I Can, I Know I Can

For some unknown reason, I decided to eat like a linebacker for the last three or so months. And to add insult to injury, well I guess in this case injury to insult, I stress fractured my foot. Let’s just say that nothing but my stretch pants are fitting right now and I am feeling less than fabulous.

So, as I approach the three-month countdown to my 30th birthday, I have made a pact with myself to take far better care of myself and focus on doing so one day at a time. (Today is day three.)

Things I am putting my energy toward:

1.) To never lose sight of the fact that I am healthy, yes definitely softer than I was months ago, but I am of able body and mind and for that I feel blessed every day.

2.) Good old fashion cutting back on consumption. “Girl, you don’t need to take that bowl of cookie dough down, really. Just leave it be.”

3.) Do something active every day. Be it yoga, running with my nugget, hiking, or borderline abuse with Jay Kelly Martin; I will be feeling alive all over this town.

A few things that have helped/will help:

-I now munch on pickles and raw purple cabbage leaves as I prepare my meals. Keeps me from snacking on “under the radar” calories that add up quickly.

-Sugar free Ricola lozenges. Sometimes my mouth just wants something to do. And they help my yodeling skills…so there’s that.

-A reward system. This week, when I make it to a whole seven days of taking far better care of myself I will reward myself with a teeth-cleaning appointment. (A good one, right?) Next week’s reward a pedicure, the week after that maybe a new book for pleasure, and after that a painting class or something.

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5 thoughts on “I Know I Can, I Know I Can

  1. Thanks for the read and the likes, bloggers!

  2. April Bennett on said:

    That’s very inspiring! I wish you the best of luck!

    • Thank you, April! Feeling better already. I enjoyed the world’s best yoga class today and I have a new favorite pose, it’s called Wild Thing. ;) Looking forward to seeing you on your drive back up to P town!

  3. Wild thing is quite possibly in the top 3 for yoga poses! Especially when performed in a back yard under stars & with great ladies!!

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